Big, shiny, new hospital

Big, shiny, new hospital

Big, shiny, new hospital

The notion may have briefly flickered, the way things do,

in an architect’s mind, in someone’s office, to make it

look breath-taking and lovely, like a Roman villa,

or a new baby, plump and perfect, who might be born there.


They surely considered it, momentarily at least,

until that meeting with the accountants, with the planners,

so what finally got parachuted into the grey fields

by the motorway, nervously watching the new estates,


empty business parks and billboards shouting out about

Development Opportunities from 0.5 to 9.0 hectares”,

looks more like what it is. Although the smooth lines aspire

to the classical, and the off-white concrete could be marble


from a distance, it’s probably better this way, factory-like.

If I live badly long enough in this town, they’ll end up processing

my faulty body in there, or sending me back to the manufacturer,

my warranty having expired many, many years ago.


first published in The Cannon’s Mouth, Issue 61, 2016