Featured Poet in Northampton Poetry Review, Issue 2

NPR2It’s a real honour to be part of the second issue of the Northampton Poetry Review, and in particular to have been chosen as Featured Poet for this issue.

I’m very grateful to editors Tom and Philippa Harding for finding space to include five of my poems – Winter Fire, October, Sunshine, Holly and Putting back the clocks.

This issue is a fine collection of work from a very talented group of writers, and I’m sure  NPR will become a well-established and admired publication over the next few years.


6 thoughts on “Featured Poet in Northampton Poetry Review, Issue 2

  1. Congratulations Robert, great to see you were chosen as Featured Poet. Well deserved! These are a fine set of poems. I think this is the first time we’ve appeared in the same issue of a publication (and one with so much fine writing). Cheers!

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