Poem up today at Algebra Of Owls

It’s a treat to have my somewhat potty-mouthed poem “Lawrence” featuring over at Algebra Of Owls today, one of my favourite places in the webosphere.

I’m very grateful to the editorial team of Paul Vaughan, Nick Allen and Alicia Fernandez for granting me a third appearance here, following on from 2017’s “Ride” and “One Last Cigar”.

10 thoughts on “Poem up today at Algebra Of Owls

  1. Excellent poem Robert. You may not be aware but some of my social media friends have really liked this poem too. I passed on your WordPress site info to Pat Edwards, whose work you may be familiar with. Massive congratulations on this fine piece of writing and what an achievement considering AoO only accept around 4% of submissions!

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    • Thank you so much, Paul. As always, your comments are a great source of encouragement. And I appreciate your sharing this around. I’m not familiar with Pat’s work, but I’ll make sure that changes.


  2. Congratulations, Robert! One of the best I’ve read in recent times. This one really struck the right note for me. Excellent stuff. I’m a huge Algebra of Owls fan as well. Paul and his team do such a great job with their selections. Lawrence is right at home on such a fine site.

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