Eunoia Review

It’s something of an early Christmas present to see my poem “At Nemo’s Bar” appearing at Eunoia Review today.

This is the first of ten of my poems that ER‘s editor, Ian Chung, has selected for publication over the coming days (I’m still a little taken aback by this, to be honest) and I’m incredibly grateful to Ian for giving so much time and space to my writing. Another of my poems, “Settlement”, appeared here in 2016.

Best wishes for anything you may be celebrating over the coming period.



Poem in The Pangolin Review

Not only is The Pangolin Review named after my favourite creature I’ve never seen, it’s editor Amit Parmessur has been kind enough to publish one of my poems in the latest issue.

You can find “An old friend” by clicking here and scrolling down about two-thirds of the way, though you’re very likely to get distracted as you go. My thanks to Amit for including my poem.

Another poem at Algebra Of Owls


I’m really honoured that guest editor Oz Hardwick selected my poem “Ride” ¬†as the Editor’s Choice Poem of the Month for March at Algebra Of Owls. It’s the first award of any description I’ve ever received for one of my poems (might have been one in primary school?), so I guess I can retire now…

Those wonderful Algebra Of Owls folks have also just published another of my poems on their website. You can check out “One last cigar” here.

The view from Dmitri’s apartment


The view from Dmitri’s apartment


The four lanes of the road, with its

fickle asphalt, appeared to be

straight, in the same way that the

horizon makes the Earth look flat;

only from a certain perspective,

or with undamaged wings, can

you truly appreciate its curve, yet

somewhere beyond our sight, it

began that imperceptible turn to the

left. Eventually, it would wrap itself

right around the entire city, in an

orbit of imperfect symmetry, and

come back to this very point, where

it was, in fact, beginning to quietly

eat itself. So all those people we

could see walking, seven floors below,

sand grains at the mercy of something

unseen, or else riding in buses and

on bicycles, were never really going

anywhere. And the fields and trees,

the cemeteries visible on the other

side, were probably nothing more than

a painting, or a collage of assorted

illusions the width of a whole

continent, unfurling itself eastwards

as far as our eyes could travel.


first published in Sweet Tree Review, Volume 1, Issue 3, 2016



Dog love

Dog love

Dog love


Of course dogs love the same way we do,

even if our human minds narrow it into loyalty

or faithfulness with their busy machinery.


She kept me awake all night, pacing,

balancing the certain with the uncertain:

back and forth; back and forth.


Her claws fretted the kitchen floor,

eyes on the darkened windows,

nosing the strange air in search of


any familiar molecules of her master,

but finding none. All the while

those anonymous surgeons were


spinning his life like a china plate,

piecing together the broken heart,

somewhere on the edge of a nearby town.


first published in Scrittura, Issue 2, 2015