Poem up today at Algebra Of Owls

It’s a treat to have my somewhat potty-mouthed poem “Lawrence” featuring over at Algebra Of Owls today, one of my favourite places in the webosphere.

I’m very grateful to the editorial team of Paul Vaughan, Nick Allen and Alicia Fernandez for granting me a third appearance here, following on from 2017’s “Ride” and “One Last Cigar”.







I stand by the gaping window and

wonder how you do it, just watch


madness drive by erratically in its

slow car, round and round.


See the children stomping schoolwards

every morning, slumping back, afternoons,


as old women and men, heads

too heavy and worn to hold aloft.


Garbage scatters like crows quarrelling.

The sun warms the concrete heroically,


but no-one feels it. There are an infinite

number of ways for nothing to happen.


All of them end in emptiness.

In the evening, there is no darkness,


just a curious light laughing at gravity

breaking its laws like ribs, one by one.


Death has finally found a home

in your open mouth. It is


furnished with stolen goods

found discarded by the roadside.



first published in Ghost City Review, 2018