The Argument

The Argument

The Argument


Sometimes it’s as though we’re cradling it,

nurturing it gently, nomads with a flame,

carrying it with us, between us, wherever we go.


How carefully we feed it when necessary:

a dry fist of kindling to make the sore,

red embers burst back into life again;


a brooding log to see us through the night;

the quick volleys of our breathing, spat as words,

the oxygen it would perish without.



first published in Shot Glass Journal, issue #22, 2017


New poems in Shot Glass Journal, Issue #22

shot glassMy thanks to Mary-Jane Grandinetti , editor at Shot Glass Journal, for selecting three of my poems for publication in Issue #22, which has just been posted online at the website of Muse Pie Press.

Shot Glass Journal features short poems of 16 lines or fewer. You can find “Pillows” here, then click on 2 and 3 of the page links at the top right of the panel to find “The argument” and “A welcome haunting”. There are plenty of great poems to be discovered in this issue from 50 different poets around the world.