Being let go


Being let go


After the umpteenth time of having you

crawl urgently towards her in the darkness,


she opened up her hand to you and

showed you what emptiness truly is.


Being already cut adrift, she sat quiet

as an island while you wept out your dignity


into the abyss, suddenly opened up; watched you

rolling away, your fish-eyes now aware


of all those truths that were hiding patiently

behind your shoulder until a moment before.


first published in Ariel Chart, 2018






Inches only beyond where the ripe green of the dune-edge

peters out, contour lines of springtide jetsam stripe the

crushed shell and sand in streamers of blackened

wrack, driftwood, charred and uncharred, and

empty-eyed gull cadavers. At its very tip,

the final, urgent elbow-crook of the

exhausted river, a volte-face

of its patient waters before

surrender to the waiting sea.

Turnstones turn stones, and

the still-living shelter,

people-shy, plovers,


eiders, waiting

for another


to remake

the world




first published in The Clearing, 2018.

Two poems appearing at Nine Muses Poetry

Very happy indeed to have two of my poems up today at the wonderful Nine Muses Poetry website. My thanks to editor Annest Gwilym for taking these poems.

Follow the link here and you’ll find “Barn Owl” and “High Burney, late winter” – High Burney being a small hill with a big view in the English Lake District.

Best wishes to all.

Poem accepted by The Bookends Review

I’ve received the lovely news today that one of my poems – “Over-thinking for beginners” – has been accepted for publication by The Bookends Review, and is scheduled to appear on the 28th September (which feels like a VERY long time away!). Really grateful to Jordan Blum and all the folks at TBR.

However you’re spending this holiday weekend, I hope you’re safe and well, and managing to connect in some way with family and friends.

Take it easy.

Four poems published today at Bindweed Magazine

So you wait ages and ages for an online literary magazine to publish your poems, then two pop up at once. On April Fool’s, of all days.

Bindweed Magazine has very kindly taken four of my efforts – “Inside-out”, “Growing advice for young rhubarb”, “Eaten up and spat out” and “Empty” – and you can find them here.

I’m very grateful to Leilanie Stewart and Joseph Robert for publishing these only hours after a poem of mine appeared in the first issue of Feral magazine.


Poem in the first issue of Feral

I’m very pleased to have had one of my poems chosen for the inaugural issue of Feral, a new web-based literary journal of poetry and art. And I’m hugely grateful to the editorial team of Beth Gordon, Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau and Kolawole Samuel Adebayo for the honour.

You’ll find “Notes made at the start of our small civil war” and the rest of the issue here.

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Coming Back



Coming Back


Shapeless patches of light

shimmy up the hillside,

countermanding each separate shadow

for a second, washing the unlit,

warming the cold spirit,

like a note pattern in

the leafless trees below.


You’re coming back again,

or so I heard. A strike of the eye,

irregularity of the heart.

I picture you. The limpness

of the afternoon impels me,

makes me wonder which wind

is bearing you this time.



first published in Sleet Magazine, 2018

“Spurn Head” published at The Beach Hut

I’m really pleased to have my poem “Spurn Head” up at The Beach Hut just now.

I don’t generally go in for concrete poetry. Thinking about it…this might in fact be it. It was actually written many years ago and almost forgotten about. My recent discovery of TBH – which features coastal-themed writing – led to me digging it out and submitting it. I’m very grateful to the folks in The Hut for picking it out and giving it a bash.

If you’re unfamiliar with England’s east coast, Spurn Head is at the end of the dangly bit roughly halfway up or down, depending on your point of view.